Access to healthcare is important for ensuring a healthier Alabama.  GOMA is working to address the barriers and disparities that exist across the State.


GOMA is working to ensure that children and adults of all ages have equal access to educational opportunities

Economic and Rural Development

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas.  GOMA’s goal is to focus on projects that will have an economic impact on our rural communities.


With the State unemployment rate reaching a historic low, GOMA is committed to seeking additional opportunities to assist the State in keeping these numbers low. 


The affordability and safety of housing is important to the well-being and health of all individuals.  GOMA is dedicated to ensuring minority communities have access to affordable and safe housing.


The State of Alabama has the largest number of HBCUs in the nation.  GOMA is committed to highlighting the economic impact of these HBCUs and their students on the State and working to ensure that these HBCUs continue to thrive.

Criminal Justice

GOMA is committed to ensuring a criminal justice system that is fair for all.

Race Relations

Alabama has an increasing diverse population and GOMA is committed to giving a voice to these communities. 

Women’s Issues

GOMA wants to ensure that women have a voice and access to the opportunities and tools necessary for success.

Civil Rights

Alabama is home to a large number of Civil Rights landmarks and individuals who played key roles in the Civil Rights movement.  GOMA is continuing to carry this torch of Alabama’s history by not only addressing the needs of the State’s increasingly diverse population, but also celebrating the resulting rich culture in this State.