The Importance of getting the Vaccine!

When looking at the devastation that Covid-19 has caused to families and communities across the country, it is important to increase community awareness of how important it is for everyone to get the vaccine.  Education regarding the effectiveness and safety – while dispelling the myths – of the vaccine, especially in our minority communities where the adverse impacts of Covid-19 are the greatest, is especially key.  GOMA has been partnering with the Alabama Department of Public Health and community leaders and organizations to do just that.  We’ve also partnered with multiple agencies that helped not only promote but have also gone out and into the communities and give them information on what the vaccine is and how helpfully it is to everyone.

In recent news the FDA has granted emergency usage of the vaccine to be given to 5-11 years old now. With this new development we can now make sure the children are fully protected and safe. Under this is a link to the CDC homepage that gives all the latest info on the vaccine and how it affects our younger children, and how the children should go about how they can get the vaccine.

CDC Recommends Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5 to 11 years:

Alabama Unites Against COVID:

Pueblo Market Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic, Homewood, AL

Shelton State Girls and Boys Basketball Team, and Stillman College COVID Clinics

Community Partners

AARP Alabama