CO-OP Employers & Positions

Partnered Employers

When looking into our CO-OP Programs, one of the few things we love to do is get the word out about some of the Partners that work with us to give the students the opportunity to work with partners and learn more about the job that they are studying to work for. Many of the jobs have been listed on our website down below but we are always getting new jobs to help our students out as much as possible!

Some of the Employers we work with:


LogiCore is a Technology Services Company, that works with sources like the DOD, government and commercial clients. They focus in the back-end technologies like Cyber Security, Information Technology, Systems and Software Engineering, Programmatics and Life Cycle Logistics. The company is headed by Miranda Bouldin, who is also a graduate from Alabama A&M University.

City of Tuscaloosa

The City if Tuscaloosa is another one of our partners that helps us. The city has numerus job offers for all majors. Some of the jobs that the city are within the city government to help teach, learn, and hire potential candidates for wonderful positions that will not only benefit them but also help them grow not only as students but also as young adults.

City of Huntsville

The City of Huntsville

The City of Huntsville is another wonderful opportunity for students to work at. Huntsville is large growing technological city with many large opportunities for students. The city has grown while also having current students that can talk about their experiences in the city. The city has a large growing economy of Technological, City Governmental and Federal jobs or agencies.

Available CO-OP Positions

Located under this heading are a couple of links that you can clink on and see the listings of CO-OPS that are currently open to the students!